MAC on 3

Remember when I mentioned this?

Its now open! *danceforjoy*

Like I thought, its just like the MAC counter in the beauty hall, but its bigger, brighter and more spacious with a dedicated make up area. That’s the best bit, because there’s more privacy to work with a MAC artist to create your dream look, without people gawping at you.

I certainly will be making good use of it!



Lancôme’s Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation

For years I’ve had a grudge against cosmetic and make up giants who don’t foundations for dark complexions or when they say they do, they then don’t go far enough in the colour spectrum. It was ok to take our money for eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail polishes, but when where they actually going to go back to basics and sort out some foundation for real dark skins?! This really irritates me so much, that sometimes, I just walk past their counters and head straight for MAC (my most trusted foundation brand)

So, naturally I am pleased with the latest offerings from Chanel and Lancôme and their provision of foundation for darker complexions. A few weeks ago, I picked up samples from both counters and so far I’ve been enjoying trying out Lancôme’s Teint Idole Ultra 24H and here are my thoughts.

I was expecting a very liquid ‘y’ and runny foundation, but thats not what I got. It’s a liquid foundation, but there is some thickness to its consistency. I was pleased with that.  There is also a pleasant floral smell to it. I normally decanter to the back of my hand and then apply from there. It dries quickly, so one had to work fast with it.

Drying around the edges already!

The coverage is light to slightly medium. I usually prefer medium to full, but still I carried on. I didn’t find it buildable,  so I still needed concealer in some areas. I thought the colour match to my skin tone was excellent (shade 14 – Brownie) and it dried to a velvet matte finish which I really liked.  My skin is oily so I finished with a light dusting of face powder. It felt very comfortable and I didn’t feel like my face was being clogged up.

According to Lancôme, its retouch free and should last 24 hours. I’m afraid, with me that wasn’t the case on the first three occasions I wore it.  (some photos below) The staying power was about 5 hours maximum, before I needed a touch up. Even when I used a primer. This was a little disappointing for me as my usual day to day foundation (Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse) gives me at least 8 hours wear. For some reason, I really really wanted to be able to use this foundation and not have to put it in the ‘nah box’.

Day One, freshly applied

Day one, 7 hours later

I was so happy with most aspects of this foundation, that I was determined to keep trying it and give my skin enough time to adjust to it. On my forth try, I got much better results. On my shine prone areas (nose and forehead), I mixed it with my regular foundation and I found the staying power was a lot better. At least 7 hours. I also changed my primer from Laura Mercier’s Oil Free Primer to MAC’s Oil Control Lotion as well, which I am sure made a difference.

Day 3, 5 hours later, no primer

My final verdict with this foundation is that its worth a try. I think for the less oily skin type, it would work much better. I have been somewhat pleased, but I don’t think it would be an everyday foundation for me, until I can figure out how to give it more staying power. Maybe it’s an evening out foundation, dinner but not dancing as I’m not sure it will last very well in a warm, potentially sweaty environment.

Result! Mixed foundations with primer - 6 hours - getting much better.

Women…Pretty & Powerful

I met up with an old friend yesterday who I hadn’t seen in nearly 2 years and spent the afternoon catching up at her house with her 2 year old boy. She is a freelance make up artist and spends a lot of time teaching make up in different countries, so as you can imagine, life for her is quite hectic. Yesterday was just one of those days. Her internet had broken, her email was playing up, she needed to cook lunch and dinner, dash out to the post office and supermarket, feed and entertain the little man (and me), order some new business stationery, book flight tickets, answer important phone calls….the list goes on.

What impressed me was how she dealt with all of this. Smile on her face, engaging me in conversation and easily multi tasking the whole show. I was amazed and I thought ‘Damn! She is such an inspirational woman.’ Showing effortless grace and confidence in all situations, big or small. She made it all look so easy and it just struck me that women are pretty powerful, amazing and beautiful beings.

Anyway the afternoon went on and I came across a notebook with the above cover. I sneakily took a picture (while she was one the phone) of it because I just loved all the words and the images they conjoured up in my mind. Later when I got home, I was browsing on the internet and I came across Bobbi Brown’s latest Pretty Powerful campaign that launched not too long ago and I was inspired all over again about the power of women. The campaign was to celebrate the beauty of ordinary women with or without make up and what makes them feel pretty and powerful at the same time.

I really love the transformation that make up can bring. The confidence, the boost and extra pep it can give. I love how make up is to enhance and not mask and I admire Bobbi’s philosphy and approach. So today, I just want to say that every woman is PRETTY POWERFUL, from the minute we wake up and it’s something we must never forget, even when we’ve put our slap on. I’ll leave you mull over Bobbi’s words.

Girl about Town, part 2: Bourjois Boutique

*****Warning — Picture Heavy*****

Following the LFW show, I decided to pop in the beautiful boutique from Bourjois. It’s their first in the UK and the venue of choice was ever so chic. Only Beach Blanket Babylon!! Too cool.

Suffice to say, it was very colourful, candyshop pretty and fabulously girly. There is a golden poodle swathed in pink ribbons waiting to welcome you at the top of the stairs. Need I say more?  I could have spent the entire day there. There were make overs, manicures, styling sessions, body art, the works….Bourjois really laid it out! Channel 4 are also filming LFW bits and pieces from there with Jameela Jamil for T4.  They also had some good deals on their products with up to 65% off in some cases. I wasn’t bowled over that the sales assistant pushed a sale on me as soon as I entered, but I was far too dazzled by all the make up and products to be too bothered.

The amount of products on display was truly astounding and everything was laid out for you to have a good rummage and play. I never knew that Bourjois did body washes. They do, but only in France. That is such a shame as I was told by my friend that the vanilla one smelt scrumptious. I couldn’t smell, bad cold!!

The nail polishes were nice, but I didn’t buy any as I have a lot of similar shades already and I’m really trying hard this year not to make any double purchases. Same story with the eyeshadows. I was just happy to look around and play really.

Unfortunately I was too late for a goody bag 😦 but I took loads of pictures!