Product Review: Keromask London – Camouflage Cream & Finishing Powder

Essentially in the concealer family of make up products. But this is so much more and the clue is in the name. The key word here is camouflage. This cream is high-powered and designed to cover a multitude of skin problems, not just your odd red spot. It actually comes recommended by the British Association for Skin Camouflage and British Red Cross Skin Camouflage Clinics. These are commendations that mean this is a trusted and regarded product. It’s even on the NHS list as a brand that caters for people with skin conditions.

Designed by Eryca Freemantle, make up artist the main function of this cream to disguise skin imperfections ranging from acne, tattoos, birth marks, prominent veins, vitiligo and rosacea. These are skin issues that can seriously affect ones confidence and the way they live their life. The reason I found out about this is that I have quite a dark patch on my chin which bothers me and it’s not always I can find a concealer that works well and stays put all day. Most regular concealers are fine, this one is just a bit more.

I’m a big fab on trialling products. In these times of austerity its makes perfect sense to me to test something first before investing big bucks and making a committment to it. So whenever, you’re at a counter, ask for a tester to try at home. Any good company will have testers and be more than happy to give you a few in the hope of securing your custom.

Keromask sells only online and I wasn’t sure what shade I’ll need to I opted to purchase a sample kit in dark for £4.99. It arrived very quickly and there’s quite a lot in the kit, which arrives in a blister pack. It contains both the camouflage cream and finishing powders to match, plus mixer powders should you need them to custom blend a shade. You can tell it was developed my a make up artist and I love the fact it provides the mixers as that’s the company accepting that everyone is different with differing requirements. This is a commendable point for me as in reality not one size fits all.

The cream itself is looks like a whipped and the colour permeates throughout. The consistency of double cream. I use my MAC 194 brush to stipple it on, then use the brush to softly blend it in. It dries quite quickly to what looks like almost a powder finish. I find it doesn’t budge or smudge during the day and stays put without the need for reapplying. This is very important when you’re trying to mask imperfections as the last thing you want is to be sat in a meeting wondering whether your make up is still in place.

For its consistency the coverage is excellent and truly covers what you don’t want to be seen. The company says its cover with confidence and I am confident that this product does its job. I’ve not used the powders provided as I am happy to use my normal finishing powder (MAC mineralised) over the top. The powders contain parabens, but as its use would be limited to such small amounts, that is not something that would bother me.

My final conclusion on Keromask is that it’s an excellent product and is up there amongst the best concealers I’ve used. I think it would really make a difference to people who suffer from major imperfections like vitiligo or perma dark circles. With 24 shades and the ability to mix them all, I’m confident that everyone will be able to use this range. I used it for almost superficial cosmetic reasons, but if you have major skin problems, this product will mean even more so to you than me.

You can watch the video below to get more background behind the product. Ignore the bit about the end about cleaning your make up off with their wipes. NO-ONE should be using wipes to clean their face. Its just filthy. Wash your face with water and a suitable cleanser.