Candle Chic – Jonathan Ward London

Jonathan Ward scented organic candles are what I describe as seriously stylish and utterly luxurious. A real treat for every bedroom, lounge or living room. Actually, anywhere in your home.

In their own words, ‘Our candles are hand-poured using the finest artisan craftsmanship, and each fragrance is a sophisticated blend of premium ingredients and scents, lovingly selected and expertly combined.’ Every word there is true, the quality is excellent and they have fragrances to suit every taste. The candles are made here in the UK, with a 100% organic wax base for a clean and even smell. The glass is hand poured in Italy. It is clear that a lot of thought and consideration has gone into producing them.

Last night, my husband wanted to watch Top Gear and to get an hour of  uninterrupted TV viewing, he treated me to a new candle. Now you know I’m easily bought. Naturally, I went straight to the Jonathan Ward website rubbing my hands with glee and hubby’s bank card in my grasp. I bought a lovely candle from them about a year ago and I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get another one for ages. The array of delicious fragrances was too much for me and I ended up wanting two candles. (Yes I am a greedy mare) But I was only allowed one. Bah!

Cut a long story short, I moaned about this injustice on Twitter and Jonathan responded instantly telling me my dreams can come true. They have an offer on and its a cracking good one too.

If you buy a candle full price from House of Fraser and then email the receipt over to Jonathan Ward, they will send you another candle of your choice!* As I told Jonathan, that’s the best deal I’ve had in ages! So now as I share this information with you,  I’m eagerly awaiting my two candle deliveries 🙂 The offer is only open until 29th February, so you have to be quick. 

Best to go over to their website and have a look at the variety of candles they have. The choice is amazing and there’s loads of helpful information that explain how the candles are made, the scents and the philosophy behind a truly great range.

* – some rules do apply.