Behind Beauty: Rodial

I was really pleased to come across this article yesterday by Lucy Tobin in yesterday’s Evening Standard. So much so I had to share it.

I’ve heard a lot about Rodial products and I’m glad to now know a bit of background. It’s always interesting to know how brands came behind about and the people behind them. When I use the products, I always feel a bit more connected and the owner Maria Hatzistefanis might be Greek born, but this is a British brand through and through.

I think this article is the perfect combination of brains, beauty, ambition and drive.

Click on article to enlarge for reading.

Flawless Women Mag

Today, this magazine was thrust in my hand at a busy Oxford Circus Station.  Apart from my weekly free Stylist magazine, I never take anything that’s being distributed (I’ve got enough to carry), but I’m glad I took this one.

Flawless Women Magazine’s chief aim is to inspire women using other women that we can all relate to. To boost confidence levels by questioning the way beauty is conventionally approached and turn it on its head by projecting more real images as opposed to glossy magazine images. This, I whole heartedly support!

It is also commendable that the magazine will be used as a platform to showcase and aid charities that deal specifically with issues that affect women, locally, nationally and internationally. This again, I whole heartedly support. On the inside front cover, there is a list of advice and helplines. This shows how seriously the Flawless Women team take their aim of helping women in crisis.

The magazine is packed full of content, virtually cover to cover – from real life stories with pictures of real women, to beauty, fitness and fashion. Personally I would have liked to have slightly more in-depth stories and a bit more on the beauty front (I’m a beauty junkie!), but I’m sure in time that will come. I think its amazing that there were so many different types of real impactful stories that cover a wide variety of topics that I’m sure have either once or is affecting us personally or someone we know.

I’m giving Flawless Women a thumbs up and wishing the team every success. I look forward to keep abreast of all developments.

Their website is coming up, but already has a lot of information.