This week I’m loving

Ardell Lashes

I went to a press event last month where Ardell lashes were being showcased. THE Lousie Page (make up artist to the stars) was supporting the brand that day and she chose a pair of lashes specifically for me that she thought would suit me and that I would like. And true to form, I love them! They are real human hair double lashes (no.204), aptly called Double Up, which give both length and thickness with a gentle flick, but without the dreadful TOWIE effect. These are much more gracious, less brash and less in your face. I think it was a during Chezza’s reign on X Factor that double lashes became popular. But then, people literally used to put one lash on top of another. Ardell has just gone one step further and fused 2 sets of lashes together for more drama sans fuss!

I’ve been wearing them since and I’ve probably had them on for 3 weeks straight. They are a bit knackered now, but thats 21 wears I managed to get out of them. Most lashes only last about 12 wears! I really like that fact that the lashes are easy to handle and with my heavy hands, they still managed to retain their shape, day in, day out. They are also on thinner strips, which means easier to put on too. At under around the £9 price point from Boots, they make a great set for everyday use!

The Nails Show

I love events and this is one that I am SUPER excited about. Its an all day event on Saturday 18th August at Cargo in Shoreditch and it will showcase nails on all levels. I’m still getting more information, but I know that it will be a stellar interactive, exciting and visual show, not only for nail professionals but also most importantly for the general public. There will be free nail art workshops, a live nail art competition and a polish swap for unused and unwanted nail polishes. I know I have a few that could go in that category so it will be exciting to see what I can swap them for. As the saying goes, one persons junk is another persons treasure 🙂 Its a great opportunity learn about all things nails with like minded individuals and with some great brands present there will be something for everyone.

It is a ticketed event so if you’re planning on going (like why wouldn’t you go?!) get your ticket at the early bird price of £7 from

I’ve got more to come on this, so watch this space, or blog rather 🙂

Why I love Illamasqua…

The ever artistic and colourful brand that is Illamasqua is once again catering to make up magpies thirst for knowledge!

There’s always something fun, loud and quirky going on at the Beak Street store. Always a good time to be had and this new concept will be nothing short. They’ve come with Beauty School Drop In. Short bursts of 15 minute sessions with their resident artistes showing you how to make the most of what you’ve got and how to get the most out of Illamasqua products. And it’s entirely FREE!!

From Illamasqua website

According to their website, there are 12 courses to help you master everything you need to keep you looking pretty amazing. From the iconic smokey eye, to flawless skin to perfect pouts and brows. So far the classes are available on Sunday 13th May and Saturday 2nd June. I’ve attended a few events at Illamasqua before and I’ve always been wowed by the quality of their classes and how helpful and friendly all the staff are.

I’ve always wanted to try their Skin Base, so I’ll definitely be getting myself down there. If you want to brush up on a few things, I suggest you get down there too. This is why I love Illamasqua. Not only do they do quality products, they are really interested in me as a consumer and go the extra mile to make sure I have not only the tools I need, but the knowledge to help me along in my make up journey!

Photo Diaries

Been so out of it the last few weeks. Work taking up most of my time, but also seemed like a revolving door with friends from different parts of the world arriving in London and also friends from London emigrating to other parts of the world. Suffice to say its been an uplifting, tiring and emotional time. This image sum up my frame of mind.

And while I’m using images as words, I’ll carry on and use images to sum up the last few weeks. I’ve been getting quite used to using my Iphone on the move, so here goes.


Been surviving on soup! Still trying to lose blasted honeymoon weight!

Desert at Benares doesn’t really help the cause!


On the other hand, it was our wedding anniversary!

On the way to work – flag fever!

Cutest ever desk companions

An exciting food discovery! I’m loving these and they’re kind to the waist line.

Got these in the post from my sister! Isn’t she lovely?…feeding my chai addiction.

I want! This exact size.

Zashadu baby! Handmade with love for moi!



Celebrating Hope

Last week was long and hard. I spent most of it working outside of London and home time on Thursday evening I was ecstatic to be on the train heading straight for St. Pancras. One of the things I miss when I work outside of London during the week is my copy of Stylist Magazine. It just makes the journey home nicer and I love my weekly dose of everything girly, a little bit of something serious and a slice of entertainment.

Lucky for me the hotel I stayed at stocked copies in their gym. And because I’m that sort of girl who packs her gym kit when I go away and ACTUALLY use it, I was lucky to pick one up, which I saved for the journey back to London. If you read Stylist, you’ll know that there’s a section under Careers called WORK/LIFE which focusses on one woman’s typical working day. A bit like a day in the working life of ‘insert name here’.

Last week, it was a day in the life of Hope Powell, the coach of England’s Women’s football team.  Hope is the first black woman to attain such a high-profile  position within football and she has several accolades to boot, including an OBE. I just absolutely love seeing women attain such loft heights within their careers, but I also feel a teeny bit extra special when it’s a black woman as I feel that it’s another role model for young black kids to look up to, girls and boys. As much as I hate to acknowledge it and wish it to be very different in today’s society black role models can be a bit scarce. So I for one welcome any opportunity to uncover and celebrate more black role models.

Anyway, you can read about her WORK/LIFE here. I couldn’t find the article online, so I scanned it in.


As an aside, Hope rocks a short afro, just like mine. So I just have to admire her some more, right?!

Still Here & Hanging On

Gosh! Feels like eon’s since I was in blog world, but it’s only been two weeks since my last post. Where has all the time gone?

Well, I started a new job two weeks ago and it has left me ragged and dog tired! So tired every evening, that blogging has been the last thing I want to do, but funny enough is always on the forefront of my mind. I feel I’ve neglected it. My drafts folder is so long and I hate not having the time to go through it properly and put some posts up.

But I’m sure you all know what the first few weeks of a new job can be like, so much learning to do, new systems, new people etc. All the things that leave you brain tired, but slowly seep into being general tiredness. Although I’m enjoying my new job, I’m vowing to get back to blogging in the next few weeks.

So till then, can I recommend you check out one of my favourite bloggers – Beauty Pulse – a woman in the know!


Image from




DijasWorld in Pictures

I’ve joined the band wagon and signed up for Pinterest!

It my online mood board – DijasWorld but in pictures!

Anyway, find and follow me here –Dijasworld


Hair Update, 2 weeks on

Two weeks on and I’m still loving my short crop. I’m not so thrilled about how cold my head gets, but that’s a small price to pay for healthly locks in months to come. I think.

Surprisingly, it has grown much quicker than I was expecting and I find this really encouraging. A friend said to me the other day, that I’m at the bum fluff stage. I never laughed so hard. By summer, I’ll be expecting at least 1 inch of growth. I don’t know how realistic that is, but time will tell.

I think it looks a little bit spiky. You can’t see it in the picture though. Not sure if that the effects of hair relaxer, but I’m really hanging in there for some curls. I would love some curls!!

Also I don’t know why, but I’m suffering from a severe dry scalp. It’s not itchy, just flaky. That is NOT impressive, but my sister says that is bound to happen as my scalp is more exposed. It will take a while to settle down. I’m praying this is sooner, rather than later. I’m not putting much product on it either, just shea butter for keep my scalp moisturised.

I went to the gym for the first time today and I have to admit it was a relief not having to worry about my hair. Before it was always at the back of my mind how much I was sweating. I would be on the treadmill worrying about how wet my hair was getting, rather than putting my all into my workout. Right now, I have no worries in that department!

I’m still getting lots of supportive comments and what I hope are admiring glances. Especially when I team up with a red lippie.

So, seeing as pictures tell a thousand words, how about a comparison exercise?:

Day 1

Day 14


ps- these are not the best pictures, I know. Especially the day 1, but for the purposes of comparison, I think it works. Also I’m playing around with different watermarks. Not so sure about the milky green colour. However, I’d hate to see my face pop up on a dodgy website, so this watermark should suffice for now. Better pics and watermark next time. Promise *bats eyelids*

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