This week I’ve been loving

Biologique Recherche P50

This product was on my toner wish list and I’ve finally lain my hands on it. To get it, I had to go out of my way to EF Medispa in St Johns Wood. I live in Hertfordshire. When I called to find out if they had any in stock, the receptionist said no, they’d finished and she wasn’t sure when they’d get it back in. Then by luck, she found one and phoned me back to come and get it. FATE! It was cold and raining, but I hoped on the train anyway. DEDICATION.

From the first use, I felt the difference in my skin. Its more refined, smoother and brighter. This is a keeper. At £49, I’m using it sparingly though.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere SPF 10 Foundation

I’ve been stuck in a foundation rut for a few months and I finally climbed out of that pit. Stylishly in Chanel too. I love how its feels really light on my skin with its floral smell. It’s a liquid foundation and I buff it in for a smooth flawless finish and it holds up well in my busy days, lasting at least 6 hours before a touch up is needed. The colour match is excellent and a little goes a long way – 2 pumps covers my entire face for medium coverage which is what I need.  At £36 its the top end of my budget, but I believe you get what you pay for and this time I’m getting a great deal.

Magazine Freebies

I read magazines for content, but if a little sweetener is thrown in, even better. Especially if it’s a freebie that I’ll actually use. July editions of Marie Claire and In Style came with a nail polish and Body Shop Kohl Eyeliners. All are welcome additions to my ever-growing make up stash. It’s good to read! lol!

The ULTIMATE skincare wishlist: Toners

Toning is a really important part of any beauty regime. I find that it closes my pores and refreshes my skin, whilst providing some balance to my sometimes oily, sometimes combination skin. A common misconception is that toning is to remove the last traces of make up. Lie! If you wipe your face with a toner and you still see make up – wash your face again! It means your skin is still dirty.

With that in mind and my quest to up my regime, I’ve been doing some research on what I have in the bathroom cabinet and what I’d like to add in.

Ole Henriksen – Grease Relief Tonic

This is my current toner and it works really well for me.  It’s for oily or blemish prone skin, which is describes my skin well. I find it doesn’t dry my skin out unnecessarily and works well to balance the oil and moisture content in my skin. The main ingredients are lactic acid which works as a gentle exfoliant and encourages cell renewal and golden seal which balances and helps the skin’s renewal process. Oily skin can tend to get clogged and this helps to strip back over zealous cells and bacteria on the surface of the skin which are the cornerstone of spots.

Verdict – this is a keeper. I’ve gone through a few bottles and the sight of the green bottle on my shelf , always brings me innate comfort.

However, I want to add…..

Biologique Recherche Balancing Exfoliator P50

People who use this product rave about it and I’ve been told that it would work excellently for me. I’ve had my eye on it for a long time. According to their website, it is their most famous and coveted product. I was sold on it before, but this just makes me want it baaaad! It’s a balancing exfoliant which regulates excessive sebum (me), moisturises and regulates the pH balance of the skin (what I want)

Yes, Ole does the same, but I think this will pack a bigger punch. Part of the reason I’ve not bought this before is because it wasn’t easy to get in the UK as it’s from across the channel, but EF Medispa in London now stock it, so I’ll be hot footing it down there to get ‘my precious.’

Until I obtain, use and review – read this review and I know you’ll want it too.

So there we have it, the next steps in my quest for healthy skin!