4711: NouvEau Cologne Natural Spray

Colognes are this summer! There are a plethora of brands bringing out signature summer scents in a cologne form which are lighter to wear and much easier on the nose. One fragrance that has grabbed me for this summer is 4711’s unisex NouvEau Cologne.  I feel this is lighter and more refreshing take on the cult original 4711 scent which has been around for years centuries.

I received a bottle of NouvEau Cologne at a recent press event and I have truly appreciated it over the last where the temperatures have soared. When the mercury rises, I prefer a lighter scent. Nothing sweet or heavy or powdery, just fresh and fruity. I’ve had compliments galore. This is why this cologne has had a permanent spot in my handbag. It’s still in there as I write this.

With top notes of blackcurrant and litchi that’s where it packs the fruity punch which soon dissipates to warmer base notes of tonka bean (which I love), musk and sandalwood. This isn’t a fragrance that confuses my senses. I don’t like when I can’t work out what the smell is. This is clean and calming sans confusion. It just coolly washes over you and it feels good and smells good too! This is down to the use of evodia which is a popular in Chinese medicine for its calming effects. I never heard of evodia before but I gather it is a highly fragrant fruit that the Chinese have used since the first century AD. I think its interesting how 4711, a German perfumier, has combined an Eastern element into the fragrance.

One of the things I also like about this fragrance is the price. At £12.95 for 50ml, I can spray freely and not limit myself to a few spritzes. It’s also accessible and can be picked up in Boots and online beauty stores like Beautique. The last thing I’d want to do is be trawling the shops trying to find it. That would put me right off, so I’m pleased I can just nip onto the high street and pick on up when this bottle runs out.

Talking about bottle, I think it’s so pretty in a simple streamlined sort of way. Not cluttered or fancy like a lot of fragrances these days, just clean and fresh with a clever use of colours. Bit like the cologne itself.

Full marks all around in my opinion.

This week I’ve been loving

Crème de la Mer Lip Balm

Now I know why they charge so much for it (£40). Seriously good stuff for lips that are beyond dry. Parched, rather. Its got a patented lip lipid complex. Much too much science for me, but I guess that’s the stuff that has been keeping my lips ultra moisturised.  Even my colleague was jealous from across the desk. ‘D, ooooh (whining voice) your lips look so nice and moisturised.’ Its long lasting too. No putting it on every five minutes, more like every few hours. If you have dry lips, buy this. #thatisall.

Chloe Eau de Parfum Original

Perfume, the customary duty-free gift from hubby, if I’ve not given specific gift instructions. He did very well this time, as I’ve actually been using this one all week.  Perfect for summer as it’s a fresh fruity floral with hints of freesia, mandarin and watermelon. Perfect for warm summer nights outs.

Shu Uemura Farfallina Falsies

Now, who doesn’t love a set of Uncle Shu lashes? These give eyes the perfect flutter. I don’t wear falsies often, but always enjoy when I do as it’s just a novelty and so much fun!  These last about 12 wears and I like how they are slightly off colour to my lashes. They are a brown/black mix and give  eyes much-needed flirty oomph.

This week I’ve been loving…..

Laura Mercier Crème Brûlée Hand Crème.

Smells good enough to eat. Think caramel, think sugar and think vanilla. Ultra moisturising with soy proteins, grape and olive oils. Fast absorbing and doesn’t leave a sticky film. Good egg all round.

Pegasus Fragrance No 39.*

Great for a quick spritz. Top notes of red berries and cassis make it very interesting and fresh. Love the fact that its created using natural and organic essential oils and also free from nasties. Downside is that on me the staying power is not all that great, so at £79 its a bit steep. Good buy if you can’t use conventional perfumes though.

*pr sample

Creed’s Love in White Perfume

My husband bought me Creed’s Love in White perfume as one of my Valentine Day treats. Just before Christmas, he fell head over heels in love with Creed and our bathroom shelf is now full of their various creations. Now, there is a Creed bottle on my side of the bathroom shelf too. I always thought they were a men’s brand, so I was a bit surprised to see a feminine perfume. Upon investigation, they do 20 fragrances for women. I stand corrected.

I can only describe Love in White as a ‘nice’ perfume, but I’m still undecided about it.  Nice isn’t the most helpful of words, but that’s all I have. It sounds funny, but the smell baffles me. My initial thoughts are that it might be what I call a ‘desk’ perfume. I always have a bottle of perfume on my desk for quick squirts to refresh myself maybe before a meeting or after lunch. Desk perfumes are not necessarily my favourite perfumes, but they serve a purpose and I’m sure most woman have one. A white bottle, with strong lines and silver ribbon, it would make a statement on any desk.

The first thing I smell when I spray it is citrus, which gives a hit of freshness. But it then mellows to a magnolia-ish, vanilla base note. But before it gets there, there’s a myriad of other smells. According to Creed, these scents are rice husk (huh? really?) iris, jasmine, rose and daffodil. For me, there’s too much going on there. Even though, I can mainly smell vanilla as the base note, according to Creed, the base also includes sandalwood and ambergris. All very lovely, but still to busy for me.

At £142 for 75ml it’s not a cheap perfume and although it’s a lovely gift, it won’t be making it into my all time favourites. However, I would be quite eager to try some of their other fragrances. It’s just a shame I didn’t fall in love with it.

Forever and Ever Dior, a perfectly romantic perfume

When I was first introduced to this perfume, it was with the words ‘this is a proper bridal perfume, all brides love it’. This was in June last year, when I was hunting for the perfect fragrance for my up coming wedding.  I looked at the sales assistant and said ‘In that case, I won’t be buying it. I’m not about smelling like every other bride.’ However, being a sucker for nice smellies anyway, I spritzed a bit on a sample card and stuck it into my wedding planning book, never to be remember again. So I thought.

Having it in my book, meant that every day when I opened it to agonise over yet another wedding detail, the smell wafted out at me and I slowly got used to it and was leaning more and more towards getting a bottle. I kept trying to fight by saying, I’ll get it, but I won’t wear it for the wedding. Oh no, not me, I won’t be falling into that bridal trap.

It’s with this same fighting spirit, I ended up purchasing the last bottle at Debenhams Westfield on 17th December, from would you believe, the same sales assistant….who remembered me and reminded me of my words. Hilarious. Talk about eating my words?!

I really like how it has a soft and delicate smell. A modern floral perfume, but not overpowering. It just lingers on my skin and I forget I have it on, until I hug someone and they say ‘you smell nice.’ Then I love in all over again.

On my wedding day, it was 31 degrees centigrade. Unlike a lot of things that day, the smell was right there till the end. That’s saying something, especially for an EDT, which I normally find I have to keep re-applying.

The base note is rose and this is what followed me around all day. This is balanced with freesia and jasmine, which is what creates the heady hit on the first spritz. I’m absolutely weak for it.

It’s a perfectly romantic smell and will always remind me of one of the happiest days in my life.