Hanging On

Apart from still having a cold head, I am quietly enjoying my new look. Though, I still have moments where I really want long hair. It’s only a fleeting moment, but I get through it by reminding myself that I’m starting from scratch so I can have healthy and EVENTUALLY long hair again.

Met up with a friend today at the launch of her beauty business (more on that later), who did the same thing as me and is now rocking a short curly afro. Maybe about 2 inches. It looked lovely and I can’t wait until my hair gets to that stage, where I can play with the curls and start doing a few styles. Didn’t hurt that I got a few compliments from total strangers too. Things like this, are helping me stick to my guns and hang on to wait for the big reward.

Funny thing is, it’s not like I can rush out there and sew in a weave, I’ve got no hair to start with. Patience Dija, patience. God help me!

by.... Shelly Kennedy of Drooz Studio