Behind Beauty: Rodial

I was really pleased to come across this article yesterday by Lucy Tobin in yesterday’s Evening Standard. So much so I had to share it.

I’ve heard a lot about Rodial products and I’m glad to now know a bit of background. It’s always interesting to know how brands came behind about and the people behind them. When I use the products, I always feel a bit more connected and the owner Maria Hatzistefanis might be Greek born, but this is a British brand through and through.

I think this article is the perfect combination of brains, beauty, ambition and drive.

Click on article to enlarge for reading.

my TeenyWeenyAfro

So, my hair has reached that in between stage where it’s not short enough to be cute without any help, but also not long enough to do much with. Meh! The most I can do with it at the moment is keep it clean and curly whilst praying for supper fast growth.

Because I can’t do much with it, I’m constantly dreaming up new ways to dress it up and make it work for me a bit more.  You can check out my mood board here.

So here are my top 5 things to do:

  1. Keeping it clean – this is the least I can do, but it makes me feel really good knowing that my hair is clean, healthy, moisturised and looking lustrous.
  2. Accessories, mainly earrings – I find that these really make a difference to my look. The more statement the better and they draw attention away from the fact my hair is saying ‘nada’ at the moment. So you can focus more at my face (and ears) whilst I talk to you.
  3. Colour – this can really lift your entire look, so its time to bite the bullet and be brave. I plan to colour this summer. I’ll keep you posted. Pray for me to have courage.
  4. Brows and lashes – brows especially are now more on show as there is nothing to hide them underneath. They should be clean and defined. Lashes just add more to my look and the love affair continues – I’ll tell you all about it in the next few weeks.
  5. Lipstick – brings colour and life to face. Long or short hair, natural or straight, lipstick is like magic.

Are you rocking a TWA?

Please tell me what you’re doing to bring some funk to it.

Celebrating Hope

Last week was long and hard. I spent most of it working outside of London and home time on Thursday evening I was ecstatic to be on the train heading straight for St. Pancras. One of the things I miss when I work outside of London during the week is my copy of Stylist Magazine. It just makes the journey home nicer and I love my weekly dose of everything girly, a little bit of something serious and a slice of entertainment.

Lucky for me the hotel I stayed at stocked copies in their gym. And because I’m that sort of girl who packs her gym kit when I go away and ACTUALLY use it, I was lucky to pick one up, which I saved for the journey back to London. If you read Stylist, you’ll know that there’s a section under Careers called WORK/LIFE which focusses on one woman’s typical working day. A bit like a day in the working life of ‘insert name here’.

Last week, it was a day in the life of Hope Powell, the coach of England’s Women’s football team.  Hope is the first black woman to attain such a high-profile  position within football and she has several accolades to boot, including an OBE. I just absolutely love seeing women attain such loft heights within their careers, but I also feel a teeny bit extra special when it’s a black woman as I feel that it’s another role model for young black kids to look up to, girls and boys. As much as I hate to acknowledge it and wish it to be very different in today’s society black role models can be a bit scarce. So I for one welcome any opportunity to uncover and celebrate more black role models.

Anyway, you can read about her WORK/LIFE here. I couldn’t find the article online, so I scanned it in.


As an aside, Hope rocks a short afro, just like mine. So I just have to admire her some more, right?!

For my Mummies, with love

I count myself very lucky that I have lots of mummies. I have my mum, my mother in law, lots of aunties and older female cousins who at one time or the other have looked after me just like a mum would do. Yes, I was raised by the village 🙂

I think every day is YOUR day, but in the spirit of this one day allocated most especially for you, I’m shouting out:


image from Unity Works Art

Women…Pretty & Powerful

I met up with an old friend yesterday who I hadn’t seen in nearly 2 years and spent the afternoon catching up at her house with her 2 year old boy. She is a freelance make up artist and spends a lot of time teaching make up in different countries, so as you can imagine, life for her is quite hectic. Yesterday was just one of those days. Her internet had broken, her email was playing up, she needed to cook lunch and dinner, dash out to the post office and supermarket, feed and entertain the little man (and me), order some new business stationery, book flight tickets, answer important phone calls….the list goes on.

What impressed me was how she dealt with all of this. Smile on her face, engaging me in conversation and easily multi tasking the whole show. I was amazed and I thought ‘Damn! She is such an inspirational woman.’ Showing effortless grace and confidence in all situations, big or small. She made it all look so easy and it just struck me that women are pretty powerful, amazing and beautiful beings.

Anyway the afternoon went on and I came across a notebook with the above cover. I sneakily took a picture (while she was one the phone) of it because I just loved all the words and the images they conjoured up in my mind. Later when I got home, I was browsing on the internet and I came across Bobbi Brown’s latest Pretty Powerful campaign that launched not too long ago and I was inspired all over again about the power of women. The campaign was to celebrate the beauty of ordinary women with or without make up and what makes them feel pretty and powerful at the same time.

I really love the transformation that make up can bring. The confidence, the boost and extra pep it can give. I love how make up is to enhance and not mask and I admire Bobbi’s philosphy and approach. So today, I just want to say that every woman is PRETTY POWERFUL, from the minute we wake up and it’s something we must never forget, even when we’ve put our slap on. I’ll leave you mull over Bobbi’s words.