Chinese Foot Pounding

I came across these photo’s from our honeymoon and thought I’d share. One of our destinations was the fabulous Pangkor Laut Resort of the coast of Malaysia. They have an award-winning spa village and before any treatment, all guests go through a cleansing ritual which starts with Chinese Foot Pounding.

Sounds painful, but it’s not. It was great for reviving my tired and sore feet! I learnt from my therapist that it was an ancient treatment from feudal China and was reserved only for the concubines of the Emperor.┬áIt starts with a soothing foot bath, followed by foot massage and then feet are rhythmically pounded using a small wooden like hammer. I really enjoyed it!

Orchid Infused Foot Bath

Me, being very attentive to instructions!

Enjoying the foot bath

Voila! Pounding of the Feet