Moving on from MAC’S Fever Blusher

I love a good blusher and over the last few years my absolute failsafe has been MAC’S Fever. To say I have love for this product is an understatement. It has seen me through many days and without it, I feel as if my face is bare. I own at least 15 blushers, but day in day out, Fever is on my cheeks – loud and proud. I really like the deep red burgundy colour and how it contrasts with my skin tone. Also its a matte blush, which works for me, especially for day time use.

However, since January I’ve been toying with the fact that I’ve grown a bit bored and tired of it. Feeling very much a traitor, I carried on with it. My loyalty was strong and unwavering, so I thought. Until one day recently when I stopped by a NARS counter and that spelt the end of my Fever love affair (for now). I already own a few NARS blushers, so I’m no stranger to their quality and lasting power. On impulse I purchased Taos. I barely even swatched it. I was just wanted something new.

Left - Nars Taos, Right - MAC Fever

With Flash

Without flash

And I have no regrets. I am totally loving it. The texture is fabulous and it has just the right amount of pop for my skin. It a warm coral shade with gold undertones. I think it makes me look very radiant and I’ve had quite a few compliments. I find that if I really press it on my cheeks before blending, the payoff is so much better and lasts a full day. I think I’ve found my new favourite blusher just in time for spring.