Taking the plunge

So I took the plunge and went for the chop shave! In fact, I got my husband to clipper the whole hot mess off! Right now, it feels good and I feel liberated. Ask me how I feel later, I may just be curled up in a ball regretting the whole episode.

So why did I cut shave my hair off? Well, how long have you got?

Really, it’s for a number of reasons.

The main and paramount reason being I was fed up with the condition of my hair. It was a constant up hill battle to keep it straight, smooth, moisturised and looking good all the time. Having to remember to oil it, to wrap it, trim it etc was starting to be a pain and one that I just wasn’t prepared to put up with all the time anymore. Its 2012, and I want an easy life!

Secondly, my hair was in a pitiful state. It had so much breakage and was so fragile I was scared to comb it. In fact, I was going days without combing it and just hiding it underneath a wig. What was the point of that? Coming up to my wedding earlier this year, I was exercising so much, sweat and salt had seriously taken a bite out of my hair. With relaxed hair you can’t wash it everyday and I was running everyday and trying to get away with only washing my hair once a week.

Suffice to say, in my quest to look my absolute best on my wedding day, my hair took the brunt of my efforts. Even my hairdresser said to me ‘ hun, you need to make a choice, do you want good-looking straight hair or do you want to exercise?’ So when I’m sat on my bum at home doing no physical activity whatsoever, my hair looked better.  Somehow, that niggled at me. I’m a girl who likes to have my cake and eat it. So I want good hair and I want to exercise and somehow I was going to achieve that.

I can hear enquiring minds asking, so what do you think constitutes good hair then? That’s a topic for another day, so I’ll come back to that one. However, don’t hang me up to dry just yet.

Third, was the cost of maintaining my hair in a relaxed state.  On average, it cost me close to £200 a month for treatments and styling. Last year, although I went through this process religiously, my wallet really felt it. I’ve started off 2012 not being in employment so I can’t justify this monthly expense.  And taking into account the condition of my hair, I would have to increase the frequency of my hair appointments until my hair got into better shape. Increase appointments = more money. So from a financial point of view, cutting my hair also made sense. Plus, my hairdresser had warned me that on return from my wedding she would have to cut my hair pretty short anyway. So I figured, why pay her to cut it really short, when I can just do that my myself at home for nada?!

Fourth, blogs by Natural Belle and British Curlies inspired me – I love Natural Belle’s hair, and I thought with a bit of patience maybe, just maybe, I could have hair that looked that good.  With British Curlies, I was just glad that there would be somewhere I could feed my product addiction. New phase, lots of new hair goodies to try. Every cloud has a silver lining!

With all these factors, I just went for it. I looked at a few natural hair care blogs…all taking about transitioning and I was like, I have NOT got time for that. No messing around trying to grow out my relaxer, going through some weird in between stage. This hair has to go now and TODAY.

Hi & Welcome

Welcome to Dija’s World!

I’ll be starting for with my hair, as there HAS been a BIG change.

My hair journey has come from this…..

(Drum role, please)

To this!

new dawn