Hero Product: Garnier Pure 3 in 1 Wash+Scrub+Mask


I mentioned this product in a previous post here and I wanted to go into it a bit more as it’s really a wonderful little product to have in the bathroom cabinet. It’s from the Pure range which is specifically for oily/combination skin types that suffer from clogged pores, shine and blemishes.

I’m not a big fan of supercharged products that claim to do a multitude of things and I feel the same about this one. It’s a wash and a scrub and a mask! As a wash I think it’s too thick and too much hard work and I think as a scrub the pumice in it is a bit aggravating on me. May work for others, but for me? too gritty. As a mask however, is when it really comes into its own.

It’s a wonderful general use mask for what I call affordable day-to-day maintenance. Those weeks were you haven’t got a lot on and don’t need to bring the big boys out of the cupboard, but you still want to keep skin under control. From the mask perspective it contains zinc which is one of natures skin purifier and works to keep skin free from impurities and blemishes. It also contains mineral enriched white clay which is a fantastic oil absorber and helps to mattify shine. Of the 57 testers, 91% agreed that this was the greatest benefit. I agree!

The one thing I must warn about is the tingle. I was taken aback the first time I used it as I wasn’t expecting such a zing! It contains some salicylic acid  which I think is the contributory factor. The tingle does dissipate after a few minutes and I personally don’t mind it, but be aware just in case it’s not something you’re into.

Sold in all the usual high street outlets and supermarkets around the £5 price point, it gives good results and won’t break the bank.

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