Coming up….

I’ve been trialling what I hope are some fab new beauty and skin care products over the last few weeks and I should be able to share the results soon. One addresses over plucked eyebrows and the other cellulite which unfortunately like a lot of women, including Kate Moss, I have. Phew! I said and feel so much better!

I really hope I see some improvement in these two areas for two reasons, I dislike trying stuff that doesn’t work. I don’t mind making myself a guinea pig, but I need to see something happen. Secondly, my poor husband takes all my pictures and he hates having to do it. So at least if he’s going to do the photos, let it be worth it.

Also I’ve been to quite a few fun events lately, met lots of lovely bloggers and people in the beauty industry which I love so much – and to document them all, there’s going to be a biiiiiig picture post coming soon. Did you hear me, I said BIG!

Its time I did something about my hair too! Working with my newly rediscovered curly hair, I’ve ben going through products like crazy. Testing different things to see which enhances curls, banishes frizz, gives lustre etc. My check list deserves diva status in its own right. I’ve got a few star products and a few meh products, so I thought I’d do a video. I’ve never done one before so I think it will be fun and interesting. So yeah, a video done my moi – the least technical person I know. This is definitely going to be interesting.

Also keep your skin care and beauty questions coming in for ‘Ask Dija’. I’ve had so many already and thank you, but I want more!

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