This week I’ve been loving

Crème de la Mer Lip Balm

Now I know why they charge so much for it (£40). Seriously good stuff for lips that are beyond dry. Parched, rather. Its got a patented lip lipid complex. Much too much science for me, but I guess that’s the stuff that has been keeping my lips ultra moisturised.  Even my colleague was jealous from across the desk. ‘D, ooooh (whining voice) your lips look so nice and moisturised.’ Its long lasting too. No putting it on every five minutes, more like every few hours. If you have dry lips, buy this. #thatisall.

Chloe Eau de Parfum Original

Perfume, the customary duty-free gift from hubby, if I’ve not given specific gift instructions. He did very well this time, as I’ve actually been using this one all week.  Perfect for summer as it’s a fresh fruity floral with hints of freesia, mandarin and watermelon. Perfect for warm summer nights outs.

Shu Uemura Farfallina Falsies

Now, who doesn’t love a set of Uncle Shu lashes? These give eyes the perfect flutter. I don’t wear falsies often, but always enjoy when I do as it’s just a novelty and so much fun!  These last about 12 wears and I like how they are slightly off colour to my lashes. They are a brown/black mix and give  eyes much-needed flirty oomph.


Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding

This is a first for me. To finish a hair product is unheard of in my world. I’m always moving on!


I have to say that I thorough enjoyed using this product. From its tropical bubble gum smell (how is that even possible?!) to its softly whipped consistency it was a breeze to use. In addition, it did what it said it would do, give me defined curls!  The product itself is formaluted with coconut, olive and argan oil so its very moisturising to boot! I didn’t suffer from any dryness or product build up.

For just under £5, I got a lot of product in a good sized tub. I used everyday until it finished. I did try to repurchase and went to two afro hair shops in north London, but they didn’t even know what I was talking about. Beautiful Textures, take it from me, tet advertsing and stocking in more shops. I’ll have to return to the my favourite hair haunt to repurchase, but it will be well worth the drive.

Flawless Women Mag

Today, this magazine was thrust in my hand at a busy Oxford Circus Station.  Apart from my weekly free Stylist magazine, I never take anything that’s being distributed (I’ve got enough to carry), but I’m glad I took this one.

Flawless Women Magazine’s chief aim is to inspire women using other women that we can all relate to. To boost confidence levels by questioning the way beauty is conventionally approached and turn it on its head by projecting more real images as opposed to glossy magazine images. This, I whole heartedly support!

It is also commendable that the magazine will be used as a platform to showcase and aid charities that deal specifically with issues that affect women, locally, nationally and internationally. This again, I whole heartedly support. On the inside front cover, there is a list of advice and helplines. This shows how seriously the Flawless Women team take their aim of helping women in crisis.

The magazine is packed full of content, virtually cover to cover – from real life stories with pictures of real women, to beauty, fitness and fashion. Personally I would have liked to have slightly more in-depth stories and a bit more on the beauty front (I’m a beauty junkie!), but I’m sure in time that will come. I think its amazing that there were so many different types of real impactful stories that cover a wide variety of topics that I’m sure have either once or is affecting us personally or someone we know.

I’m giving Flawless Women a thumbs up and wishing the team every success. I look forward to keep abreast of all developments.

Their website is coming up, but already has a lot of information.

The ULTIMATE skincare wishlist: Cleansers

Two days sun, two days rain, one day sun and its only Wednesday. Would it be premature of me to think summer’s here? With the advent of a long-awaited summer I’m thinking its time to change my skin care routine. Like fashion, each product has a season and its time for me to cast off last year’s dredges and start afresh, well somewhat afresh. There are some products I’m not quite ready to archive yet. I’ve wanted to change my skin care products for the past year as I feel my current products are under performing

So in order of the old adage – Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise here goes my ultimate wish list. At this point I should say I have oily skin, with sometimes enlarged pores somewhere in the late 20’s box. On some days, especially if I’m at work, I feel I ooze sebum.

This will be a 3 part post, kicking off with….


Ever since beauty school, I have doubled cleansed. Especially at night. After a full face of make up all day, going on the underground, air conditioning at work and soaking up general atmospheric pollution, there is no way my skin feels clean after one wash. So if you’re not double cleansing, I suggest you follow my lead.

Step One

L’Oreal De-Maq Expert Elixir Concentrate Ultra Make Up Remover

This is a product I currently use and I’m on my second tube. I love this stuff. The thick gel dissolves make up effortlessly. Including lipstick and the copious amount of black eyeliner I wear.  Its pretty simply to use – squeeze onto palm, massage into face, add water to turn into emulsion, rinse. This is what the professionals use and is a keeper.

Step Two

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift & Scuplt Moringa Cleansing Balm – £34

Never used this before, but its been within my sights for an age. One of my fave beauty bloggers guru- BeautyMouth – can’t/won’t stop raving about it. She is someone I totally trust with skin care and if she says its good, then its good. Period.  Another reason I want to try this cleanser is because of its action on skin and pores. According to the EH website, amongst a barrage of other good things, it purifies and helps to minimise the appearance of open pores. I’ll have some of that, thank you very much! Once I’ve tried it, I’ll do a full review then.

Step Three

Perricone MD Citrus Facial Wash – £35

I like the idea of using a wash at the end of all this cleansing. Wash away the day, I say. Again, I’ve never used this product before, but after research I feel it would be a good addition to my stash.  Its paraben free, so brownie points already. It also has patented Vitamin C Ester which according to the website will help with elasticity, texture, radiance, firmness and discolouration. It’s a lot for one product, so I’ll let you know what I think soon enough. Its sounds like a product I’ll use morning and night.

So there we have it, the first steps into revamping my skincare routine and weaning me off the Dermalogica rot I’ve been too scared or lazy to leave behind for the past year.

ps – I still have a lot of love for Dermalogica. I just feel after three years, I need to explore a bit more.

This week I’ve been loving…..

Laura Mercier Crème Brûlée Hand Crème.

Smells good enough to eat. Think caramel, think sugar and think vanilla. Ultra moisturising with soy proteins, grape and olive oils. Fast absorbing and doesn’t leave a sticky film. Good egg all round.

Pegasus Fragrance No 39.*

Great for a quick spritz. Top notes of red berries and cassis make it very interesting and fresh. Love the fact that its created using natural and organic essential oils and also free from nasties. Downside is that on me the staying power is not all that great, so at £79 its a bit steep. Good buy if you can’t use conventional perfumes though.

*pr sample

Beauty goes Bang @Selfridges

I LOVE SELFRIDGES! – There I said it. I could actually live there.

ON 31st May, I’ll be there, live and direct in the beauty hall enjoying myself @

Looks like amazing fun!

More details here.

A random ramble about exercise

Pounding away on the treadmill a few days ago, it really hit me how my relationship with exercise has changed. For the better.

18 months ago, you couldn’t pay me to go inside a gym. It so was not on my radar. The thought of being hot and sweaty was so off-putting. Not to mention the havoc it would wreak on my hair. My pride and joy and my shield. Always looking like I’d just walked out of a salon. No way sir-ry, I could give you good money NOT to talk to me about going anywhere near a gym.

Then came along a wedding. And a wedding dress. And the fittings and that all-consuming attention to the amount of back fat I had. Before I knew it, I was a fully paid up member of David Lloyd with a personal trainer to boot. Every bride wants to look their best and I was no different. I dropped nearly 2 dress sizes before the wedding. So much so my dressmaker was fuming. She ended up having to remove the zip from the dress and insert laces.

Wedding done and dusted and laying on the beaches of Malaysia, the weight crept on again. Arghh! One to many Nasi Lemaks! On return to London, I decided to continue at the gym simply because I was paying for it every month. Not because I had any particular desire to go. But when I cut off my long tresses and shift happened in my head and I realised I was free to run and sweat to my heart’s content. LIGHT BULB MOMENT & ATTITUDE CHANGE. Before ,I was too worried about my hair and how I looked. I would restrict any exercise to the basics and did as little as possible to discourage sweat. A frizzy barnet wasn’t really my preferred look.

Now with my short hair, I actively encourage sweat, because I know I can wash it in 5 minutes myself. If I’m not soaking wet by the time my work out is finished, I’m actually disappointed. Before all attempt at exercise was purely for vanity. ‘I need to look hot in that dress.’ Again another attitude shift has happened. Now I exercise for pleasure and health benefits. Instead of being overly concerned about weight loss or anything vanity related, I’m more bothered about getting my heart beating and pumping hard. My goal is for exercise to be an integral part of my life and to reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and enjoy the by-products, mainly keeping trim.

The saddest part of this ramble is that this attitude change is simply down to me cutting off my long relaxed tresses! I am amazed at the difference this has made.

Another thing that has helped me in my exercise journey is the amazing Spikes & Heels website. INSPIRATIONAL. #that is all.

Whats’s your relationship with exercise?

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