This week I’ve been loving

Crème de la Mer Lip Balm

Now I know why they charge so much for it (£40). Seriously good stuff for lips that are beyond dry. Parched, rather. Its got a patented lip lipid complex. Much too much science for me, but I guess that’s the stuff that has been keeping my lips ultra moisturised.  Even my colleague was jealous from across the desk. ‘D, ooooh (whining voice) your lips look so nice and moisturised.’ Its long lasting too. No putting it on every five minutes, more like every few hours. If you have dry lips, buy this. #thatisall.

Chloe Eau de Parfum Original

Perfume, the customary duty-free gift from hubby, if I’ve not given specific gift instructions. He did very well this time, as I’ve actually been using this one all week.  Perfect for summer as it’s a fresh fruity floral with hints of freesia, mandarin and watermelon. Perfect for warm summer nights outs.

Shu Uemura Farfallina Falsies

Now, who doesn’t love a set of Uncle Shu lashes? These give eyes the perfect flutter. I don’t wear falsies often, but always enjoy when I do as it’s just a novelty and so much fun!  These last about 12 wears and I like how they are slightly off colour to my lashes. They are a brown/black mix and give  eyes much-needed flirty oomph.


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