Why I love Illamasqua…

The ever artistic and colourful brand that is Illamasqua is once again catering to make up magpies thirst for knowledge!

There’s always something fun, loud and quirky going on at the Beak Street store. Always a good time to be had and this new concept will be nothing short. They’ve come with Beauty School Drop In. Short bursts of 15 minute sessions with their resident artistes showing you how to make the most of what you’ve got and how to get the most out of Illamasqua products. And it’s entirely FREE!!

From Illamasqua website

According to their website, there are 12 courses to help you master everything you need to keep you looking pretty amazing. From the iconic smokey eye, to flawless skin to perfect pouts and brows. So far the classes are available on Sunday 13th May and Saturday 2nd June. I’ve attended a few events at Illamasqua before and I’ve always been wowed by the quality of their classes and how helpful and friendly all the staff are.

I’ve always wanted to try their Skin Base, so I’ll definitely be getting myself down there. If you want to brush up on a few things, I suggest you get down there too. This is why I love Illamasqua. Not only do they do quality products, they are really interested in me as a consumer and go the extra mile to make sure I have not only the tools I need, but the knowledge to help me along in my make up journey!


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