Photo Diaries

Been so out of it the last few weeks. Work taking up most of my time, but also seemed like a revolving door with friends from different parts of the world arriving in London and also friends from London emigrating to other parts of the world. Suffice to say its been an uplifting, tiring and emotional time. This image sum up my frame of mind.

And while I’m using images as words, I’ll carry on and use images to sum up the last few weeks. I’ve been getting quite used to using my Iphone on the move, so here goes.


Been surviving on soup! Still trying to lose blasted honeymoon weight!

Desert at Benares doesn’t really help the cause!


On the other hand, it was our wedding anniversary!

On the way to work – flag fever!

Cutest ever desk companions

An exciting food discovery! I’m loving these and they’re kind to the waist line.

Got these in the post from my sister! Isn’t she lovely?…feeding my chai addiction.

I want! This exact size.

Zashadu baby! Handmade with love for moi!




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