Celebrating Hope

Last week was long and hard. I spent most of it working outside of London and home time on Thursday evening I was ecstatic to be on the train heading straight for St. Pancras. One of the things I miss when I work outside of London during the week is my copy of Stylist Magazine. It just makes the journey home nicer and I love my weekly dose of everything girly, a little bit of something serious and a slice of entertainment.

Lucky for me the hotel I stayed at stocked copies in their gym. And because I’m that sort of girl who packs her gym kit when I go away and ACTUALLY use it, I was lucky to pick one up, which I saved for the journey back to London. If you read Stylist, you’ll know that there’s a section under Careers called WORK/LIFE which focusses on one woman’s typical working day. A bit like a day in the working life of ‘insert name here’.

Last week, it was a day in the life of Hope Powell, the coach of England’s Women’s football team.  Hope is the first black woman to attain such a high-profile  position within football and she has several accolades to boot, including an OBE. I just absolutely love seeing women attain such loft heights within their careers, but I also feel a teeny bit extra special when it’s a black woman as I feel that it’s another role model for young black kids to look up to, girls and boys. As much as I hate to acknowledge it and wish it to be very different in today’s society black role models can be a bit scarce. So I for one welcome any opportunity to uncover and celebrate more black role models.

Anyway, you can read about her WORK/LIFE here. I couldn’t find the article online, so I scanned it in.


As an aside, Hope rocks a short afro, just like mine. So I just have to admire her some more, right?!


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  1. beautypulselondon
    Apr 10, 2012 @ 09:50:46

    I missed my copy of Stylist mag last week too, so thanks for posting this! Will be adding this article to my Pinterest board celebrating the positive representation of Black women in the British media!


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