Polishing Up – OPI’s Vodka & Caviar

Every Sunday night, I choose my nail polish for the week. Before I get to choosing, I always toy with the idea of ‘oh, this week, I’ll do blue or orange or maybe even purple.’ Never happens! No matter how much I tell myself to do something different, it NEVER happens. I have failsafe colours that I always revert to and they never change.

I think I’m coloured out. I have well over 100 nail polishes, some never opened – all the colours of the rainbow and back again. But they just don’t appeal anymore. I’ve been there, done that, have several t-shirts. All these new nail polish trends and fads that come along, don’t do anything for me. There was a time, I wouldn’t ever be caught without the latest. But, now I’m grown (imagining my mum’s face – ‘I can still smack you!’ Guess one can never going to be too grown) I’m stuck in my ways perhaps. If I want colour, I stick to red, if I just want to low-key I stick to nudes.  Easy peasy, just the way I like it.

Even within those two colour choices, I have failsafe colours that I stick to. Life is complicated enough, than to start giving myself too many options. My favourite ever red, the one that always makes me love red nail polish even more is OPI’s Vodka & Caviar. It’s blue based and stands wells against my medium toned black  skin. Its got depth and is a stalwart red. The kind of red, everyone should have. It sometimes tends to compete with Essie’s Russian Roulette, which is a warmer red. Looking at it, it seems I have a thing for colours with a Russian connection.

By the way, can you tell which nails I’ve got falsies on?  Suffered a major break on two nails and had to rectify the situation with faux nails courtesy of Broadway Nails….which by the way aren’t bad for a quick fix.


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