YSL Shocking Mascara

I think I’ve found the mascara that will change my life.

OK, that’s a bit dramatic, but I am honestly in love with YSL’s Shocking Mascara. Over the years, I have never been loyal to a particular brand. I normally just coat my lashes in whatever I touch first in my make up box. However, for the last month, I’ve been actively hunting down my YSL Shocking Mascara every day. Not that its hard to miss, in its iconic gold tube. I love how the word SHOCKING is scrawled lazily across it just for added drama.

It gives some serious volume and definition to my lashes. My lashes aren’t sparse, but I love anything that gives them a boost. It’s not quite the false lash effect, but it’s definitely a dramatic improvement.

Lashes sans mascara

A clear difference

I have to confess, that I did have some clumping issues at the start. I think it’s because, it’s quite a wet mascara. If ever there was an oxymoron, this is it. This is easily solved by using a clean mascara wand to comb out the lashes immediately after application, but when you’re up against time as I usually am, you want a product that delivers first time round. Anyway, I stuck with it and I’ve enjoyed the benefits, so I’m happy.

When I bought it (£23), the sales assistant said to me that its only suitable for one coat on your lashes. Not true, I do two with no problems and my lashes look all the better for it!


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