Creed’s Love in White Perfume

My husband bought me Creed’s Love in White perfume as one of my Valentine Day treats. Just before Christmas, he fell head over heels in love with Creed and our bathroom shelf is now full of their various creations. Now, there is a Creed bottle on my side of the bathroom shelf too. I always thought they were a men’s brand, so I was a bit surprised to see a feminine perfume. Upon investigation, they do 20 fragrances for women. I stand corrected.

I can only describe Love in White as a ‘nice’ perfume, but I’m still undecided about it.  Nice isn’t the most helpful of words, but that’s all I have. It sounds funny, but the smell baffles me. My initial thoughts are that it might be what I call a ‘desk’ perfume. I always have a bottle of perfume on my desk for quick squirts to refresh myself maybe before a meeting or after lunch. Desk perfumes are not necessarily my favourite perfumes, but they serve a purpose and I’m sure most woman have one. A white bottle, with strong lines and silver ribbon, it would make a statement on any desk.

The first thing I smell when I spray it is citrus, which gives a hit of freshness. But it then mellows to a magnolia-ish, vanilla base note. But before it gets there, there’s a myriad of other smells. According to Creed, these scents are rice husk (huh? really?) iris, jasmine, rose and daffodil. For me, there’s too much going on there. Even though, I can mainly smell vanilla as the base note, according to Creed, the base also includes sandalwood and ambergris. All very lovely, but still to busy for me.

At £142 for 75ml it’s not a cheap perfume and although it’s a lovely gift, it won’t be making it into my all time favourites. However, I would be quite eager to try some of their other fragrances. It’s just a shame I didn’t fall in love with it.


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