Beating Dry Skin – Beauty Oils

The combination of cold weather and central heating is playing havoc with my skin. It is SO dry!  Combined with nearly 20,ooo air miles in the last month in aid of wedding and honeymoon, I KNOW my skin is parched and thirsty. Not just my face, but arms and legs, knees and elbows.

When I subconciously started scratching and peeling (disgusting, I know) on my ashy knees, I knew it was time to ditch the daily moisturiser and get the big guns out – beauty oils. I’m a massive fans of body and face oils. I really think they do the ‘bizness’ and sort out any dry skin issues I have very quickly. Unlike normal body moisturisers, body oils which are based on plant oils are extremely penetrating and nourishing. Here’s the science – their molecular structure is smaller, so the skin can absorb the oil much more readily.

My favourite is Renew Rose Body Oil by Aromatherapy Associates. It smells absolutely divine and leaves my skin with a subtle glow. I don’t even need perfume after using this.  The delicate rose smell lasts all day. To boot, its rich in fatty acids and essential oils, which do all the hard work in addressing dry skin. However, its the smell that keeps me reaching for the bottle. Getting the best of both worlds there!

Seeing as its Valentines Day, I’ll carry on the rose theme and also talk about my Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Facial Oil. Yes, I put oil on my face and it does wonders. I’ve been using it for well over a year and its a staple in my bedtime routine. Firstly, it sinks in very very quickly, which always makes me think my face is trying to tell me how thirsty and dehydrated it is. Therefore, there is no greasy residue. I feel it leaves my face very supple and radiant. I think using it overnight as well, gives it time to really penetrate and nourish the inner most layers of skin. Over the time I’ve been using it as well, I’ve noticed my skin tone has become much more even, because the oil promotes the skins ability to produce new skin cells to replace the old uneven ones. Its magic in a bottle. Really, it is.

So these are my two favourite body oils, but I’m always on the look out to try others. I’ve heard good things about Diptyque’s Precious Oils for Body and Bath. For starters, it has sweet almond and argan oil. They are excellent for the skin, so I have hopes for this body oil once I lay my hands on it. I’ll keep you posted.


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