Forever and Ever Dior, a perfectly romantic perfume

When I was first introduced to this perfume, it was with the words ‘this is a proper bridal perfume, all brides love it’. This was in June last year, when I was hunting for the perfect fragrance for my up coming wedding.  I looked at the sales assistant and said ‘In that case, I won’t be buying it. I’m not about smelling like every other bride.’ However, being a sucker for nice smellies anyway, I spritzed a bit on a sample card and stuck it into my wedding planning book, never to be remember again. So I thought.

Having it in my book, meant that every day when I opened it to agonise over yet another wedding detail, the smell wafted out at me and I slowly got used to it and was leaning more and more towards getting a bottle. I kept trying to fight by saying, I’ll get it, but I won’t wear it for the wedding. Oh no, not me, I won’t be falling into that bridal trap.

It’s with this same fighting spirit, I ended up purchasing the last bottle at Debenhams Westfield on 17th December, from would you believe, the same sales assistant….who remembered me and reminded me of my words. Hilarious. Talk about eating my words?!

I really like how it has a soft and delicate smell. A modern floral perfume, but not overpowering. It just lingers on my skin and I forget I have it on, until I hug someone and they say ‘you smell nice.’ Then I love in all over again.

On my wedding day, it was 31 degrees centigrade. Unlike a lot of things that day, the smell was right there till the end. That’s saying something, especially for an EDT, which I normally find I have to keep re-applying.

The base note is rose and this is what followed me around all day. This is balanced with freesia and jasmine, which is what creates the heady hit on the first spritz. I’m absolutely weak for it.

It’s a perfectly romantic smell and will always remind me of one of the happiest days in my life.


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